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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Quail Panel ~

The Quail Panel
Tuesday 09.14.10 ~ We decended 800 feet down into the canyon at dawn. 22 miles of climbing over boulders, bushwhacking, mud & quicksand. Made it out of the canyon as the setting sun was swallowed by the horizon. We finished the hike up on the canyon rim by moonlight. I was scuffed up and bloody.....but it was good.
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This very unusual pictograph of a face is near The Quail Panel.

Less than half way through the hike we reached The Quail Panel.
I'm already looking"Dawg eared" by the time we reached it.

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Steve Garufi said...

Wow! You know where all the "off the beaten path" ruins are. This is amazing! :)